What is my name?

My name is Eshan or Nae

Where am I from?

I’m originally  Nigerian currently living in England.

How old am I?

I’m 24 (even though I feel much older lol)

What am I currently doing?

I am currently in my second year of university studying Business Management and Marketing.

Why did I start blogging?

I’ve been writing since I was 13, (I shall add the poem I wrote about this eventually). Writing was my way of self-expression as I as very shy, quiet and timid. My mother also writes, previous Hints Magazine author :). I was told (not suggested to) to start blogging my one of my close friends. It took me a while to even take the idea seriously but here I am.

What is this blog about? 

Currently, I blog my poetry, I also write about other discussion topics that arise among young adults. As this blog expands I will incorporate other things.

What inspires me?

All my poetry is based on my personal life experiences, I have been through a number of tough times (which you will obviously find out). The other topics I write about on Eshan Speaks are topics which I have conversations about with my friends (they think I make some valid points I guess). I’m inspired by life, mine and the lives of others. I see beauty in a lot of things amongst the chaos of my mind.

What will I like to do in future?

My goal is to live life freely and fully, travel and have new experiences and also write about everything. I want to see the world and share what I see with people. I want to empower women and mentor young girls to be great. My aim is to Inspire, Motivate and Empower.

Do you take the pictures yourself?

All pictures are taken by myself. (Unless otherwise stated). I can also do professional pictures 🙂

How can you contact me?

For any questions, feedback or anything else send an email to: contact@eshanobi.com Feel free to also ask for advice on anything also.

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