I always think of friendships as something I never needed, I’ve felt alone for so long why would I need anybody else? Companionship, laughter, happiness, these are the things that mask the imperfections within my friendships.

Many self-evaluations later, I’m learning the art of letting go.

When you sacrifice so much of yourself for the benefit of someone else, soon there’ll be nothing left but the emptiness of who you used to be. Consumed by the need to save people, surely I can’t leave now.

It’s never the right time to let go, so I hang on, waiting to make my exit. Bearing the mental trauma. Part of me thinks I’m selfish, the other part is certain I’m selfless. Who am I doing this for? Maybe if I save you I’ll be saving myself, if I hang on for a bit longer it’ll make up for all the times I needed a break from you? If I forgive you, I’ll feel worthy enough to forgive myself. Who’s benefitting from this?

Many self-evaluations later, I’m learning the art of letting go.

The art of forgiveness. The art of freedom. The art of happiness. The art of being in a moment. Many self-evaluations later I’m learning art. I am art, I am being art. Freeing myself from your limitations, from your guilt, from your mistakes. They say everybody needs somebody, and even the loneliest hearts need a companion, I’m learning that I need me more.

With destruction comes a chance to rebuild.

With our destruction comes a new beginning, I’m watching our destruction, and it’s beautiful, it’s free, it’s full of hope, the promise of a new beginning. Today I decided to end a long-term friendship, with no animosity, no hard feelings with all the love I could muster. Today I shed tears, washed away our past, cleansed myself in preparation for the future. I’ll remember you with the fondest of memories.

When a friendship no longer serves its purpose, when the love is lost, and the memories become sour. Learn the art of letting go. Free yourself.

With destruction comes a chance to rebuild.

Inspire. Motivate. Empower.

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  1. G. Obi says:

    Quite direct!! Good job. Note this though. There are various types of friendships: Needy ones, flitting ones, sharing ones, company ones, dependency ones and much more! True friendship has no definition, no attachments, no expectations and no burdens! The one that just is. You would want to let it be when you find it. Quite rare it is but it is true.

  2. Chichi says:

    Thoughtful and deep words Eshan. Friendship is vital in life. It is like the sprinkle of water on ones face on a hot day and should not feel heavy like bad caked foundation. All the various kinds are needed in life. Even the bad ones are needed as an example of who not to be like! But one must learn to be a friend too. That’s when friendship becomes as it should be…. back and forth kindness and presence and shoulders and compliments and ears and laughter …it’s great! Aloneness cannot compare.

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