Sometimes I wish I was alone in this world. Never caring or feeling for anyone. Just to be free on my own. Or maybe even stuck in darkness suffering from the pain that comes from within. Yearning for a friend. Waiting patiently for love to set me free. Sometimes I wish I was invisible moving around people effortlessly like the wind. Uncovering many untold secrets whispering silently into the ears of the unsuspected…..

Whispering into the ears of lovers. Telling them to cherish the one who holds their heart. LOVE? Will I ever know it? Will I ever feel what people describe as love? Is there anything different any impairment that makes me unable to find the one that holds part of me. Have I already felt the indescribable feeling which makes a person whole? Have I already been with the one who loves me and tossed it away in search of something greater? If I have will I be forgiven? Will love give me a second chance? Does love believe in second chances? Or is this the way its meant to be. Girl 17 looking for a friend. Girl 27 still looking for the one to love and be loved in return. Girl 17 Looking For Love

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