Pursuit Of Happiness I believe I understand what it is to be lonely. To have no one besides yourself. I believe loneliness is a chance to be one with yourself to find who you really are. Loneliness opens your ears to the sound of your own heartbeat gives you an opportunity to comes to terms with the pain you feel within. No one deserves loneliness it destroyed your life. Makes your start a never ending journey to find companionship makes you a. Slave to love. Any form of love. Makes you crave to fill up the void that is within you. To be alone is to make yourself a stranger to happiness. To see happiness and love in the faces and actions of others and be a stranger to that emotion. Is it fake to lead two lives?

To show a face of happiness while slowly dying inside. Isn’t that what everyone does. Hide the demons they fight within and struggle to contain them while also painfully convincing everyone that your life is perfect. Isn’t this a form of loneliness. Not being able to express yourself freely. Living in the fear that your sadness may make you weak. Thinking your weaknesses may make you victimised. Having the sense that the people around you will not understand. How could they understand when they have high expectations. Having people be jealous of what they do not know. Finding fault in your every move. Judging you. Never fully understanding what you’re going through. Never understanding the reason behind the silence. There is always hope In the hearts of the lonely. Hope that one day they will be taken out of the darkness and find a new beginning hoping one day they will find happiness withing. Hoping to be at peace with themselves. Some hope they will find the one who will wipe their tears and fill up the void withing. Give their life a new meaning and make it worth the pain. I still dwell in loneliness. Ever seeking never finding going through the wrong paths and hoping to find a bright way. Always seeking never achieving peace. Never having a sense of fulfilment. Never being completely happy. Girl 18 I am still in the Pursuit of Happiness.

Inspire. Motivate. Empower.

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