Caramel, the colour of my skin. Hips full, lips plump. The way my skin glows in the sun like the reflection of a pure soul. My brown eyes become mesmerising in the sunlight. The beads sitting on my waist that sway to the confidence of my heart beat. Beads representing the culture my ancestors had before me. With a smile like a bright-eyed child, I can brighten your day. The smoothness of my back causes a stir in the depths of your soul.

I am a coloured girl, not yet a coloured woman because for me, life is sweet. No child clinging on to my legs, no responsibilities. For me, life is a blissful dream with endless possibilities. I can be whoever I want to be. I must walk with my back straight, and my head held high, that’s what she said. The coloured woman who birthed me, the who created a body for my soul. I still depend on her.

Her children no longer cling to her legs, and even though they tower over her, she commands attention, when she walks into a room. Unquestioned respect, she lights up our hearts with her words. Laughter follows her wherever she walks. She radiates beauty and confidence. I someday hope to be her, a coloured woman, because she is unafraid. Even though life is a beautiful dream, she gives me hope for the coloured woman I will become. She is my mother.

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  1. Mariam says:

    Such a glorious ode to mothwrhood and life! Love this and no need to say who your talking bout! We know ! Words alone cannot do her justice but Eshan, I say you have pretty much captured your mothers whole essence- soul and spirit, in just a few short sentences. . Wow!

  2. Chichi says:

    Eshan, I really love this one. I feel the pride in being a colored girl/woman in a world where people are doing their best to make us feel less than human. Just simply knowing and loving yourself is the key to survival and overcoming. Its your mothers secret weapon!

  3. Kubie says:

    Wonderful Eshan, what an inspirational women your mum is, I can certainly see this in your blog. Well done and keep inspiring us

  4. Tracy Lee says:

    What a wonderful poem. You have an amazing talent for writing, one you share with your mum. The cards she sends are always written from the heart.
    I’m sure that brought a tear to your mum’s eye.
    Good luck with your writing Eshan, it is beautiful

  5. haruna sophia says:

    This is an amazing piece, I am personally taking this for my studies in poetry. My professor would be impressed.

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